Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this Mean Mr. Fallywalker guy?
He’s our man behind the curtain… genius, and farm mascot. As our beloved Director of Croperations & Seed E O, Mean Mr. Fallywalker has a seed list as twisted as his mustache. You’ve seen his image plastered on our farm website or business cards. As a subscriber to our CSA you will be communicating with him via email, Facebook and Twitter. Mean Mr. Fallywalker can be best identified by his nifty top hat, clever yellow grin, and trademark big twisty mustache. And, just how do you pronounce “Fallywalker”? Just remember that the Y sounds like an E.

What makes the Fallywalker Farm’s “Twisted ‘Stache” Program different than other CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture)?
We’ve never joined anyone else’s CSA, but here’s what we believe in… Curiosity… Quality… Diversity… No Pesticides… and Love.

CURIOSITY… We try to grow some pretty fun things… like purple marker ‘taters, colored carrots, lemon cucumbers, peter peppers, aerial radishes, loads of colorful tomatoes, lettuce with freckles, and magic beans. We mix the unusual with some of the classics, like bell peppers and onions.

QUALITY… Our produce is always picked fresh. Its not hustled into a grocery outlet, to be grabbed and groped by strange booger fingers all day long… or left-overs from a farmers market.

DIVERSITY… We try to grow a nice range of harvests throughout the season, such as varieties of heirloom and open-pollinated tomatoes, hot peppers, bell peppers, potatoes, greens, onions, garlic, cucumbers, squash, melons,  fresh flowers for display and fresh flowers for eating, eggplant, gourds, carrots, beans, peas, radishes, herbs, okra & more.

NO PESTICIDES… ever… just LOVE, babe. We practice organic growing principles.

How many does a typical share feed?
Depends on how much you eat, and how much you like to cook. We have some customers who have small families, others who share with another couple. We’ve never had someone comment that we didn’t give them enough & the great thing about REALLY fresh produce is that it keeps longer than the stuff you would be buying at a grocery store.

How do I pay for the produce?
You pay for your share upon subscription.

What happens once I register for a Twisted ‘Stache? How’s it all work & what do I do?
Following your registration by completing our online order form on this page…

CONFIRMATION… Upon registering you’ll receive a confirmation email from the farm. You will be asked to make payment for the season.

FAN US & FOLLOW US… You may wish to “fan us” on Facebook, or “follow us” on Twitter. Sometimes there is important information, recipes, facts, comments, and from time-to-time even special offers that Mean Mr. Fallywalker will be sharing with everyone.

NOTIFICATION… When the crops are ready, we’ll let you know your pickup date for the season.

HARVEST DAY… When you get home with your ‘stache, just log into our website and view the current “harvest inventory”. There you will find facts, photos & recipe ideas for the produce you’ve just received. Please remember to return your empty farm basket at your next pickup. ENJOY!

When should I register by? When is too late?
Twisted ‘Stache subscriptions are available until they are all filled. Previous year subscribers have their spot held into the following year. We are a very small farm, so we have limited spots available each year. Once our spots are all filled, we begin to put folks on a waiting list.

Do I get to pick what’s in my order?
Twisted ‘Stache orders are filled with whatever produce we are harvesting at the time.


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