What Does Fallywalker Grow?

Fallywalker Farm hand-tosses a curious and diverse selection of seeds into the soil each season- a deep pocket collection of the elusive recluse, Mean Mr. Fallywalker.

His favorites to sprout include, but are not limited to… tons of inquisitive varieties of HEIRLOOM TOMATOES… striped, plump, purple, tear-dropped, candied, colorful, sausage-like, rippled & brain-shaped; COLORED CARROTS… from cosmic purple to atomic red; PECULIAR POTATOES… all-red cranberry ‘taters, blushing whites, and our most sought after… the purple marker potato; MAGIC BEANS… an assortment of beautiful, curling, twisting, striped & speckled beans… and some that even change colors when cooked; RAT-TAIL RADISHES… this radish grows in the air! While common garden radishes are grown for their roots, with aerial radishes, it is the seed pod that is edible; SINISTER SQUASH… from eight balls to flying saucers, some twisting, others spaghetti-filled, bumpy or bloated… each possessing a unique beauty and taste; LEMON CUCUMBERS… looks like a lemon, but doesn’t taste like one; ALLURING EGGPLANT… enjoy them red, with ruffles, green, purple or striped; PETER PEPPERS… Peter never picked a peck of peppers quite like this! Some say they’re sexy… and some say they’re hot. But however you size these curious things up, there is no wonder where they get their naughty name.; The MARVELOUS LUFFA… an edible vegetable that tastes something like a mix of a zucchini and a cucumber; plus… BURGANDY OKRAEDIBLE FLOWERSSALAD GREENSFRESH HERBSFLOWERS & MORE!

Remember.. this is nature, not a shelf in a big box store. We can’t guarantee what will grow from day to day, week to week, or season to season.


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