by Fallywalker on March 8, 2009

Gac, aka Baby Jack

Gac Seedling, aka Baby Jack

“Splat, Splat…

Let’s throw some Gac”


Mean Mr. Fallywalker has been known to throw a few tomatoes in his day, but he always finds a way to remind us of more potentially damaging produce that he could be throwing at us. One of those, is Gac (aka Baby Jack)… an interesting fruit that is native to Asia, China, Vietnam, India, and is as common there as the tomato is here. Baby Jack grows on thick vines & produces a vibrant dark orange or red cantaloupe-looking fruit with tiny spikes. Inside the fruit is a thick spongy lining & bright red seed pods. Get hit on the head with this fruit & it certainly won’t splat… though your head may!

We’ve found only a few is this country who have had much luck planting these seeds privately. But seems like Michelle has the magic touch, as this one has already become a useful elevator for a resident ladybug.

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