Farm Update!

by Fallywalker on May 28, 2009

The frost is gone, the temps are up and the sun is out! In celebration of this great weather, check out some recent pictures of the farm:

Mmmmm, lettuce!

Mmm, lettuce!

Rainbow Carrots

Rainbow carrots - what color will this one be?

Sweet Peas on Teepees

All things "Pea"


The peas are lovin' this weather.

Gourmet Garlic

The gourmet garlic is starting to turn yellow.

Whopper Strawberries

I can't wait to eat this strawberry!

Tomato Field

The tomatoes are looking great!

Tomato Blossoms

It won't be long until we have some delicious cherry 'maters to munch on.

Bean Seedlings

The beans are having a party.

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