Corn… America’s Diet.

by Fallywalker on April 4, 2010

There are some SHOCKING things about this once diverse crop that today dominates our food system. One entity is at the helm. Monsanto, the mega-corporation that once manufactured Agent Orange now controls our food system through patents, herbicides like Roundup, GMO seeds, growth hormones, and former employees and lawyers who are now appointed government officials. They deny that their products are harmful, destroy small farmers, lie, steal, trespass, and monopolize. They are responsible for blood and puss in your milk, polluting your water sources, and now trying to patent the pig.

Just a few days ago we learned of a friend in the region who had his family’s water tested. The family’s drinking well is 300 feet deep. The test came back confirming that it was POLLUTED. One of the main pollutants was Roundup herbicide by Monsanto… a sustainable product according to the corporation.

Mean Mr. Fallywalker highly recommends to you the film “King Corn“.  Do you know what you are actually eating? Next time you pass one of those beautifully big corn fields, think deeper.


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