Welcome to Fallywalker Farm!

Into the early hours of the day, Mean Mr. Fallywalker can be found roaming through the rows- tickling each turnip, quizzing each carrot, encouraging every eggplant… hand picking, sorting & shining only the finest produce for inclusion into his Twisted ‘Stache orders.

Sprouting on some dirt in rural Spring Mills, Pennsylvania…

Fallywalker Farm is a micro eco-farm which focuses on a unique version of Community Supported Agriculture known as the Twisted ‘Stache Program. The farm takes its name from Director of Croperations & Seed-E-O, the elusive Mean Mr. Fallywalker, whose sinister seed collection lends itself to some of the area’s most exceptionally twisted and strangely delightful fresh produce.

Practicing naturally grown/pesticide-free growing principles, and currently operating without an onsite well/running water or electricity- the farm is a polar opposite to many of its neighboring farms. The main garden (approximately 1 acre) is the centerpiece of the farm. The main garden packs as much produce into the soil as possible- beans climb up sunflowers, corn mazes are decorated with goblin egg gourds, rows of purple potatoes play neighbor to aerial radishes, multi-colored carrots, and many more lost and curious garden treasures.


Please enjoy “The Story of Food” from our friends at USC Canada.

The Story of Food is a short video by USC Canada to help get us thinking about the food system and how we can help rebuild it. USC Canada promotes vibrant family farms, strong rural communities, and healthy ecosystems around the world. Find out more at www.usc-canada.org.

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